The “Collective” was founded on February 6th, 2006 by Gary Ashby and Todd Wallace. Gary, a long time car enthusiast recently delved into the domestic V6 performance market. He started with local clubs, trying to gather information on his brand new 2005 Mineral Grey V6 4.0 L mustang with minimal success. This brought him to internet car forums; he hit a handful of online Ford Mustang based forums but could not find one that fit what he was looking for. He happened across Todd Wallace, who was a car forum junkie by the time Gary met him in an effort to build the 4.0 for all its worth along side other enthusiasts. After getting to know Todd in the online world, Gary approached him on an idea of creating a new kind of forum; one with its roots in the Cologne based 4.0 V6, but set it up like a local car club for all mustangs, especially V6’s and “underdog” type cars. Todd instantly jumped on the idea, and joined Gary in his quest to build an online car forum, with the feel of a local car club.

Today, this club is known as the Mustang Collective (, just passing its 2 year anniversary, the club now has over 2000 members, with several hundred active posting members daily. The clubs web site features forums with social, technical, appearance, how-to manuals and a slew of useful information built up over the past year.

The forum also made Mustang history by spearheading one of the largest super charger group buys ever recorded. In a period of 1 week, eighteen (18) Explorer Express X-Charger units were sold for the 4.0 Mustang platform on the site. Following this, the club has put together other successful group buys with companies like Speed of Sound, Forced4, Powerhouse Automotive, Classic Design Concepts, VMP, Bamachips and Baltimore Street Mods (with more to come). The club also has a monthly car contest with various categories, the winner getting his/her car on the top banner of the forum for all members and guests to see. The club has seen earth shattering developments for the 4.0 V6 mustang, to include but not limited to new FI systems being developed like the Twister Turbo system and STS system, even DIY turbo kits, built race motors, autox wins, cars in the 14's, 13's, 12's, 11's and 10's. The club has seen members take home national car show wins, and national track wins such as FFW and FWC. The club also witnessed the development of the first privately owned NA 4.0 in the 13's.

The club is now organizing nationwide events in the form of cruises, track events and car shows. The 1st Annual Buckeye Brawl @ Norwalk in April 2007 was a huge success, with over 30 S197 mustangs in participation in the pouring rain. Mustang Enthusiast magazine covered the event and described the members of the collective die hard enthusiasts.

The club also has members with new edge V6’s/GT’s, S197 GT’s, Fox Body 5.0’s and SVO’s. You will find virtually no Ford engine/platform bashing here, due to dedicated and self-moderating members, and a very active admin/moderation team. The staff at the Collective also has vast backgrounds in various engine platforms, racing, car shows, motorcycles, engine building, car industry/sales experience and management experience to help ensure objectivity and smooth operation.

In closing, all these things are great about the club, the staff, events, group buy’s, etc. But what really makes this club a success is the members, which could be best described as die hard mustang enthusiasts! Their dedication, knowledge sharing and support of the club is what really makes it the success it is today. There are other online clubs like the Collective out there, but they are few and far between in our opinion. The members in this club really care, and witnessing them meet in person for the first time, one would think this group was doing so for many years already.

So cheers to a great club, and the members that support it.