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Heated Seats in a Non Heated Seat Stang
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Heated Seats in a Non Heated Seat Stang - 12-02-2007

Hey guys and gals! This is my first thread on the collective and I must say this is one informative site. Ok, the weather is turning colder here and i'm really regretting not getting the heated seat option on my new 07. What would be needed to add heated seats to a non heated seat stang? Would it really be worth the cost/trouble? Thanks for all of your help in advance.
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I think a trip to your local dealer would solve the problem, from what I haveheard,from a tech. the instal is fairly simple. Wont say easy because you have to remove the seat covers,but it can be done.
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Heated Seats
Here is Some Info from the Ford Shop ManuaL. Trying to Add Heated Seats After the Fact is a Complicated and Expensive Process. I would Recommend an AfterMarket Kit for this Particular Upgrade. FYI , Some Dealers May Attempt This Kind of Upgrade But Most will not. Whenever we Have Contacted Ford Motor Company Tech Line for Help with this Kind of Upgrade they State the Will not Help with Retrofits. BTW, You Can Add the Passenger Power Seat With out Too Much Grief But it is a $600.00 to $700.00 Expense.

This system allows the electrical heating of the front seats on passenger demand.

The heated seats system has the following components:

Heated seat relays
Heating elements located in the seat cushion and backrest
Heated seat control switches, located on the HVAC module

Heated Seats

The driver and passenger heated seats share a common battery feed to the heated seat relay junction box. The ignition circuit powers the logic board and illumination of the heated seat switches located internal to the HVAC module. The battery feed is used to provide voltage to the heater mats.

There are 2 power supplies to the heated seat relay. One power supply energizes the relay and heated switch LED when the key is in the RUN position and the heated seat switch is activated. This closes the relay and power is provided to the heated seat elements through the other power circuit. The heated seat module will remain ON until the heated seat switch button is depressed to cycle the heated seat module OFF or a 10-minute time-out period occurs. If ignition power is switched OFF, the heated seat module will enter an OFF state.

The driver seat cushion and backrest heater elements are wired in series as are the passenger seat cushion and backrest heater elements. The heated seat system is designed to maintain the temperature by the opening (no voltage to the heated seat mats) and closing (voltage supplied to the heated seat mats) of the bi-metallic thermostat.

Inspection and Verification

Verify the customer concern by operating the system.
Visually inspect for obvious signs of mechanical or electrical damage.

Visual Inspection Chart Mechanical Electrical
Front seat track
Seat at limit(s) of travel
Seat tracks obstructed or damaged
Power lumbar assembly damaged
Heated seat fuse bussed electrical center (BEC) fuse 66 (25A)
Driver power seat and lumbar (BEC) fuse 14 (30A)
Passenger power seat (BEC) fuse 15 (30A)
Loose, corroded or damaged connectors
Seat control switch
Heated seat switch (internal to HVAC module)
Heated seat relays
Lumbar seat control switch
Heat seat cushion element
Heat seat backrest element

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For Parts Info Simply email clevparts@aol.com Put Hotsheets in the subject line. I do not accept pm's due to the extreme volume of questions I get. Its just easier for me to keep track of emails.



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Try these


I surprised my wife for Christmas last year by putting them in her car without her knowing
Fairly simple install and have worked excellently

I plan on doing my car someday

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